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Batterytank with lighthead

This is a lighthead that is powered by an external batterytank. This system was designed specifically for cave diving and until recently was only used by techdivers. Recently, considerably numbers of sportdivers have also discovered the advantages, of tanklamps.The biggest advantage is that a relatively small and light lighthead is mounted on a „Goodman“ handle. This is an adjustable bracket that enables the diver to carry the lamphead on the back of his hand without losing the use of that hand. You are still able to move and work with the hand that would otherwise be occupied holding a lamp.Techdivers traditionally mount the batterytank on the right side of the waiststrap just slightly ahead of the tanks and secure it with a beltlatch.Since most sportdivers use a jacket nowadays that doesn’t have a 2” waiststrap we provide an optional mount to attach the battery tank directly to the divers airtank.The batterytank can naturally also be attached to any 2” weightbelt or backplate.